Direct Mail Fulfilment

Direct Mail Fulfilment is our core activity.  We handle mailings for clients who require anything from a few thousand to over a million mailings annually from our two facilities.

For items that can’t be fulfilled by machine, we offer a hand-fulfilment and hand-matching service which can despatch up to 100,000 items per week.

We are an environment-friendly company and offer you environmentally-friendly direct mail options such as vegetable based inks, recycled material or material from renewable sources, together with biodegradable envelopes and environmentally-friendly polywrapping. Various services under direct mail fulfilment include:

Personalisation with Laser and Inkjet Printing

Laser Printing by our customers to overprint on a printed literature or to print smaller quantities of direct mail pieces like fliers, letters and brochures. So if you are sending out personalised letters or  personalised cards to a large database, we  advise to get the letterheads or the cards printed through the litho machine which will save you a lot of money. You may even have a large volume of letterheads printed and already in stock. We will use our multiple laser machines to print personalised data like name, address, codes, amounts, unique references in black or colour. We can print in such large volumes that no volume is too big for us.

For overprinting on envelopes or cards we use the inkjet printers to give you the best quality output.

Whether your envelope or letter  is A2, A3, A4,and  A5 size, our printers will produce excellent printed material for you. We can do one side or both sides in single or multi colour. Inkjet and laser may be used for:

  • Names and addresses
  • Variable postal indicia
  • Barcodes
  • Return addresses
  • Messages

Folding, Collation and Enveloping

We have multiple modern equipment to machine fold, collate and insert the various items of the mailing in to envelopes. We can use our machines from A6 to A4 size mailings. We can also collate upto 6 items through our machine inserter. In some cases where machine folding or insertion is not suitable we have skilled on site workforce who has been with us for years hand folding, collating and inserting items into envelopes or boxes. Types of items we fulfill include:

  • Letters
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues

Polythene wrapping

Many companies like their designs and offers to be “on show” as soon as they hit the doorstep.  If this is your preference, then polythene is a good option.  Poly is also cheaper and lighter than the equivalent envelope, which can save you money on stock & postage.

For most orders we use our high-speed polythene insertion machines, but for “unusual” items we have a skilled team who will hand-insert into self-sealed polythene bags.

Our highly-trained staff will also shrink wrap anything from catalogues & instruction booklets to cases of drinking glasses.

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