In Our New World Of i-This & e-That How Can Good Old Direct Mail Be Staging A Come Back?

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Doesn’t sound right, Does it, but if figures are to be believed, its true!

According to DMA first time in the last few years the marketing spend on Direct Mail has gone up, now sitting at 4%.

Take Land Rover UK, whose 8.6% response rate delivered a cost per sale of £59, not bad when the average new Land Rover sells for more than forty grand. Boden, Ettinger and Scott Dunn are joining the DM party too, by all accounts reaping impressive returns on investment.

Phil Ricketts head of Royal Mail door to door marketing strategy says:

“Understanding how the next generation of marketers perceives the marketing mix provides valuable insight into how the media landscape may develop in the coming years. It is clear that their recognition of the tangible and targeted nature of the door drop means that this traditional channel will remain relevant in an increasingly digital age.”

So what makes a Direct Mail campaign successful?

Surely, well thought out target market is at the heart of any Direct Marketing campaign and Direct Mail cannot be an exception. It must than boil down to the message. Amanda Phillips says Direct Mail can give consumers the chance to indulge themselves in a brand story that awakens all their senses. A great direct mail pack can create a sensory experience whether physically – a free chocolate bar with your Ocado delivery – or virtually – an account of a sleek ride in a sports car delivered inside a leather-bound book. Sparking the consumer’s imagination can develop that lasting brand relationship.’

The attention span you will get for a piece of paper coming through the door is literally few seconds, 20 seconds was a research figure quoted to me. You got to be creative, articulate and attention grabbing.

Timing must be a key factor. Imagine having put the weekend aside to finish off that house insurance renewal and an offer came through the door better than the comparison site results. So its not just the timing of the campaign but it is the day the mail hits the recipients in the week.

What’s been your experience of successful Direct Mail campaigns and also not so successful campaigns?

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