Pick and Pack for eCommerce Businesses

Pick and Pack operations or eCommerce Fulfilment as it is sometime referred to is often considered to be a relatively new area. Dimensions Mail has been storing and running pick and pack operations for companies since 2003.

As an eCommerce business outsourcing your storage, pick and pack is a key and strategic decision. You as a online business have done all the hard work and invested your resources to get the order for the product you have in stock last thing you want is the final stage of order not being delivered on time or not delivered right. We appreciate the importance of this relationship and the significance of eCommerce fulfilment company’s role in the entire customer journey.

Integration: We work with different website platforms like Magento and eSeller Pro. We are flexible in either receiving the downloaded orders from you or going into the back end processing orders ourselves. This also includes updating the status and entering delivery details like tracking numbers etc. We will work with at the set up stage to ensure there is a smooth transition either between your own fulfilment operations and us or between us and your existing fulfilment house.

Facility: From out two facilities for storage and eCommerce fulfilment ie Edinburgh and East Kilbride we work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes. In between the two sites we have over 37000 sq ft storage and fulfilment space.

Expertise: As mentioned we have nearly 10 years of eCommerce Fulfilment experience but our distribution experience goes back to go old 90’s. With the benefit of this vast knowledge of the distribution industry we get it right all the time or put it this way we have been there long enough and have learnt from all the mistakes.

Quality Control: Quality of our eCommerce Fulfilment comes from systems and people. Neither can work without another. As mentioned our human expertise is next to none but we have also developed excellent supporting systems to ensure quality runs through every aspect of eCommerce Fulfilment. Right from inventory management to managing returns and every stage in between we have documented quality systems which are followed checked and constantly improved. No order goes through the door unless it goes through 3 layers of check.

Check 1:  Downloaded order file is processed to produce labels, before this goes to print a check is conducted of matching and reconciling the two files.

Check 2:  Pickers bring the orders from storage to fulfilment area they are checked one by one by the supervisor before being passed to the packers.

Check 3: A reconciliation between the number of orders received from order processing team is matched with the pick list and the packed list to tally all three.

Delivery Services: We are able to offer a wide range of UK and international postal and courier services to consumers or business addresses and are able to offer a range of packet and parcel services including signed-for and tracked options. Offering your ecommerce customers a range of services is vital, and choosing our ecommerce fulfilment solution can help you keep your options wide and costs low.

Reporting: We utilise cloud computing for reporting to ecommerce fulfilment clients. These reports are available with a secure login and provide important information such as:

  • Stock reports
  • Fulfilment reports
  • Goods received reports
  • Consumables used reports
  • Tracking numbers for courier deliveries
  • Returns reports

Your customers can track their orders online, and stock information can be kept up-to-date. These are indeed small things which can go a long way in a positive customer experience.

Packaging: For over 15 years we have been sourcing and buying packaging material for our customers. Our bulk buying capability helps us source packaging material at a very competitive price. You will benefit from these prices and relations if you require us to supply the packaging material. Our experience in packing items has also given us knowledge to be able offer advice on various packaging concepts.

Give us an opportunity to prove ourselves to you before you make the big decision. We are willing to accept the challenge. Try us with a few lines for a month to see our results and we will do this without any set up costs.

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